About Us

The Little Brown Cookie Company began as a dream of military wife and longtime baker, Miss Beverly. Using the traditions and recipes handed down to her by her mother, Ella, in a small Detroit kitchen, Miss Beverly perfected these recipes over the years baking for friends and family. In the winter of 2016, Miss Beverly’s generous nature led her to create and distribute customized Christmas boxes, filled with cookies, assorted chocolates and seasonal candies for her local church. After receiving rave reviews and with the support of her husband, in the spring of 2017, Miss Beverly founded The Little Brown Cookie Company.

At the Little Brown Cookie Company, we know that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We craft our homemade cookies with quality ingredients, pair them with decadent chocolates, and package them with care. Just like the original Christmas Box, each cookie is baked with love, carefully wrapped, and sealed in a signature, little brown box. Little Brown Cookie Company believes in creating depths of bold flavors while bringing the family together to share love. We carry this tradition from that little Detroit kitchen into every delicious homemade cookie. From our little cookie shop to your mouth, we hope you taste the love in every bite.